“Researcher” David Meade had very publicly prediction that the world would end yesterday. Obviously, it didn’t. Mr. Meade is the latest in a very long string of folks who have tried to map out the imagery in the Book of Revelations and try to connect them to current events and prophesy “The End.” The irony is that if anyone ever does accurately predict the end of the world, they will get absolutely no credit, since no one will be around to congratulate them.

The Bull Market didn’t end either. The key difference though, is that whoever does accurately predict the end of the Bull Market, probably will get some accolades.

I’m not predicting the end of the Bull Market at this time, although history does tell us that it WILL end at some point – and it won’t be the end of the world. It will, however, be an opportunity to make some rapid profits for those who are prepared. We cannot call the absolute top of the market, but we can read reliable signs of when the correction is beginning and when it has been confirmed. I am watching closely and will point these legitimate, technical indicators as they happen.

Meanwhile, there are clear signs, using timing cycles, that I point out in the video this week, that we do have a very highly probable short-term pullback setting up. This may not the “The End,” but there could be some short-term profits to be made. I’m already seeing some nice short trade setups and published the first one to those who are subscribed to my Stock and Options Picks service.

Hint: The company we are shorting is named after a fruit and just released the iPhone 8.

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Gold is doing Exactly what we expected. It broke through the $1307 level, pulled back in a perfect Fibonacci Retracement, and is now poised for the next leg up. We will be looking for good long trades on Gold.

Oil is trying to get it’s rally on. The overall pattern looks potentially Bullish if we can get a strong close, over the next week or two, above $51 on the crude futures.

That’s it for this week. Stay tuned. I will provide updates as things play out.

Keep your winners big, loser’s small and relax. Trading should be fun! And it is if you have a solid plan.