HIGH RETURN STOCK PICKS "I only publish Stock Picks that, based on my analysis, will gain more profit if they win, than the amount they will lose if they fail."

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BEYOND THE NOISE . . . "My methodology focuses on What IS, not What IF. Join me as I cut through the noise and find trades that have the potential for the biggest profits while minimizing risk. What I offer is profitable stock picks based on years of experience. Yes, I made my share of missteps before I was able to achieve consistent profits. Let me save you the pain of these hard learned lessons and take you straight to the end goal of Keeping your WINNERS BIG and your LOSERS SMALL."

HIGH PROBABILITY STOCK PICKS . . . "I only publish the "BEST of the BEST." Stock Picks. These are trades that I am taking in my own account with my own money so you can be sure I am highly confident in them."

DISCIPLINED RISK MANAGEMENT . . . "I publish a Stop Loss level with every Stock Pick. This level is determined by key support levels and I give you the tools to MANAGE LOSS in case the trade fails."

OPTION CONTRACT SPECS . . . "I publish Option Contract specifications on trades, when applicable. This includes: Expiration Month, Strike Price and Premium Guidelines."

STRATEGIC TRADE MANAGEMENT . . . "I scale out of each trade at key levels to lock in profit and reduce risk as the trade plays out. I publish these updates to you, real-time."

COMPLETE CUSTOMER SUPPORT . . . "I will answer any question you have either via email, or if you like, you can schedule time on my calendar, via a link that all subscribers receive at sign-up, to talk with me on the phone. "

Recent Testimonials From Customers

"ICON...Wow!  Your picks are amazing...just wanted to say 'Thank you'."

- Lorraine, Fayetteville, NC

"Thanks Dean, I made money on JOY and FCX!"

Greatly appreciated.

- P.R., Michigan.

"Yes!  An excellent simple strategy that enables you to trade effectively."

- Bob K, Indiana

"Hello Dean,  As a client of your service I am very happy to say that I have found the right stock market service that I was searching for a long time."

- Pali, McLean, VA

"What Dean teaches is not well explained at other places.  Believe-me, I have been to more than 50 different webinars run by different traders.  Dean has a way that's unique and I really got to learn lot!
I have been part of Dean’s trainings and stocks pick service for 1 year now. He has a fantastic ability to bring together people, cultivate a sharing, learning environment and ensure all get real value out of his events. He has a real depth of knowledge about trading, as well as the ability to work at the level you are at and I would recommend his courses and events to new and experienced traders alike."

- Pavlos, Dubai