Are you ready to start trading?

I get asked all the time “where should I start?”

I’ve collected the most important things I’ve learned over 25 years of trading and put them together in my new book, “Basics of Trading.”

These are the essentials that you need to get started trading.

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Kindle version? Sorry, No, but …

We tried, but the graphs and charts in the book just do not display well in Kindle.

But, buy the book and I’ll send you a high resolution PDF copy that you can read on your computer, right way.

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My New “Trading Basics” Book

  • Discover the 5 Key Things all Successful Traders consistently do
  • Prevent the 5 Key Costly Mistakes that most New Traders Make
  • Get the Essential Information you need to Get Started with Trading
  • Be Trained by a Master Trader who started where you are, and is now Consistently Profitable
  • Avoid the Scams, Rip-offs, and Empty Promises of Quick and Easy Wealth
  • Get free access to my 5-part video training series.
    • Just email a copy of your Amazon order confirmation to: and we’ll send you a PDF version of the book and a link to the training videos, right away.

Wondering if the
“Basics of Trading” is for you?

  • YES . . . If you want to start trading, but just don’t know where to begin
  • YES . . . If you have already started trading, but feel a little “lost” and want some help
  • YES . . . If you would like to learn from a Master Trader who started out just like you
  • YES . . . If controlling risk – keeping Winners Big and losers small makes sense to you
  • YES . . . If you are willing to put in some work and are ready to learn
  • YES . . . If you are ready to make consistent profits in your trading
  • If you aren’t willing or able to study and do some work, and approach trading seriously…then NO it is probably not a good fit at this time
  • If you are expecting to turn a small account into quick and easy wealth, then this is not the book for you (FYI – that book doesn’t exist – despite what some may promise)


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