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Dean Jenkins

BEYOND THE NOISE . . . “My methodology focuses on What IS, not What IF. Join me as I cut through the noise and find trades that have the potential for the biggest profits while minimizing risk. What I offer is profitable stock picks based on my years of experience. Yes, I made my share of missteps before I was able to achieve consistent profits. Let me save you the pain of these hard learned lessons and take you straight to the end goal of Keeping your WINNERS BIG and your LOSERS SMALL.

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Trading Courses

Master Trader Course

Learn the EXACT trade setups
that a Master Trader is profiting from in his own account. Dean will teach you to keep losses small and maximize profit.

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Stock Options Basic Course

Take the Confusion Out of Options
This course will teach you everything you need to know to trade options with confidence and controlled risk.

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Ichimoku Cloud & Elliott Wave

East Meets West Great things happen when two great trading systems agree. Learn to use them together for big profits.

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Curious How Dean Does It?

Get access to his weekly "Beyond The Noise" videocast where he gives you real-time updates on the REALITY of what is REALLY going on in the market and how he makes his decisions.