My New "Trading Basics" Course 

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  • Discover the 5 Key Things all Successful Traders consistently do
  • Get the Essential Information you need to Get Started with Trading
  • Be Trained by a Master Trader who started where you are, and is now Consistently Profitable
  • Have your questions answered, by an expert
  • As you learn, follow along with the trades a Master Trader is taking, in his own account, with his own money
  • Avoid the Scams, Rip-offs, and Empty Promises of Quick and Easy Wealth
  • Prevent the 5 Key Costly Mistakes that most New Traders Make

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Learn from a Master Trader


 Study and learn at your own pace - with complete support

Make 2019
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No prerequisites to learn to trade profitably


Wondering if the
Trading Basics Course is for you?

  • YES . . . If you want to start trading, but just don't know where to begin
  • YES . . . If you have already started trading, but feel a little "lost" and want some help
  • YES . . . If you would like to learn from a Master Trader who started out just like you
  • YES . . . If controlling risk - keeping Winners Big and losers small makes sense to you
  • YES . . . If you are willing to put in some work and are ready to learn
  • YES . . . If you are ready to make consistent profits in your trading
  • If you aren't willing or able to study and do some work, and approach trading seriously...then NO it is probably not a good fit at this time
  • If you are expecting to turn a small account into quick and easy wealth, then this is not the course for you (FYI - that course doesn't exist - despite what some may promise)

Basics of Trading Course Content

Trading Basics Course Materials

- Six modules of training material (Plus Bonuses)

- Downloadable PDF study guide for each module

- Quiz and Answer Key for each module

- Email support for any questions you have

- One-on-one consultation if you desire



In addition to the Trading Basics Materials, you will get the following bonuses:


Guide to Choosing a Trading Platform and Broker

A comparison of the various trading/charting platforms available and the Pro's/Con's of each

A list of the top brokerages and a decision grid for choosing the best one for you


"The Lexicon of Trading"  A Glossary of Important Trading Terminology


30-days of my Stock and Options Picks - a $127 value

I'll give you the trades that I am taking, in my own account, with my own money.  1-2 picks each week with EXACT entry, stop and target prices.

Just one of these trades could very well pay for the entire course and more!

**You choose when to start this service - before, during or after the Trading Basics Training


30-Days in my Live Trading Room - a $79 value

Follow along as I analyze the markets, look for new trades and answer other traders questions.

Interact with an active, vibrant community of traders.

Monday - Thursday, 6:15 AM Pacific/9:15 AM Eastern - 7:45 AM Pacific/10:45 AM Eastern

**You choose when to start this service - before, during or after the Trading Basics Training


One-on-One Mentoring Session - a $250 value

At any time, within 6 months of purchasing the course, you can schedule a One-on-One Mentoring Session with Dean Jenkins for personalized coaching.


Here is everything you get with this Special Master Trader Small Group Training:

Trading Basics Training Materials - $497 value

30 Days of My Stock and Option Picks - $127 value

 30-Days in my Live Trading Room - $79 value

One Hour One-on-One Mentoring Session - $250 value


Total value of all that is included = $953

*You have lifetime access to course materials and recordings

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Student Testimonials from other training courses:

Scott, Florida

"Love the Masters program...I have learned a TON – like drinking from a fire hose – but it all makes sense. I really like the way you present and cover the material and keep an ADHD OCD bi-polar guy like me attentive to what you are saying and doing. Really good stuff!"

Bob, Indiana

"Yes!  An excellent simple strategy that enables you to trade effectively."

David, Boston

"The Course is terrific. Concise and to the point.  Dean's delivery is excellent, materials are excellent!"

Karen, Florida

"Dean is calm and organized and has tremendous knowledge. His teaching is clear and to the point. He responds to emails with helpful information."

Padraic, Washington D.C.

"Dean delivered an easy, fun course. This may just have concluded my seeking of a trading system in the last three years. It is the best I ever taken in trading."

George, USA

"Dean's expert knowledge made option trading a reality for me. I now trade my retirement account and have complete control of my assets not some investment firm."

Evan, New York

"Awesome course! Dean...I really appreciate the depth and breadth of your knowledge and support."

Samuel, Florida

"It's been great. I certainly have a lot to learn however, you shed light on many techniques that I was not aware of. Learning Elliott wave is fascinating."

Pavlos, Dubai

"What Dean teaches is not well explained at other places.  Believe-me, I have been to more than 50 different webinars run by different traders.  Dean has a way that's unique and I really got to learn lot! I have been part of Dean’s training's and stocks pick service for 1 year now. He has a fantastic ability to bring together people, cultivate a sharing, learning environment and ensure all get real value out of his events. He has a real depth of knowledge about trading, as well as the ability to work at the level you are at and I would recommend his courses and events to new and experienced traders alike."


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