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Beyond the Noise 7-17-16 issue:
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A “One-Handed” Market Forecast
According to Harry S. Truman, he wished for a one-handed economist. All his economists equivocated, saying "on one hand, this" and on the "other hand, that." The “Post-Brexit Rally” has gone on for thirteen straight days and on four of those days we put in new record highs. In terms of projecting where the S&P daily chart will go from here and where the eventual top to this Bull Market will be, I’m afraid I’ll have to give you the “Two-Handed” answer. On one-hand, it could go higher. On the other hand, this could be it and it will go lower. The current Elliott Wave count and technical structure is unclear and I cannot project with any certainty. On the other hand, in the short-term, I can absolutely give you a specific, “One-Handed” forecast. On both the 60-minute and 30-minute S&P 500 futures charts, I am seeing a very clear technical setup for a bearish retracement to that rally. In the video version of this newsletter, I walk through this analysis on the charts. . .

Beyond the Noise 9-16-16 issue:
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dol·drums: “a state or period of inactivity, stagnation, or depression” Well the broad market has been the very definition of “doldrums” lately, hasn’t it? The S&P 500 and the DOW have traded in a very unusually tight range for several weeks now. It is normal for market activity to slow down during the summer vacation season, but this year has been unusually flat . . .

Beyond the Noise 12-23-16 issue:
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Will Santa Bring Dow $20,000
The Dow Jones Industrial Average has never hit $20,000. It came really close last week and speculation is running high that this milestone will be hit. So, will it? Will the market pass the Dow $20k mark? I have no idea. But here is what I do know; whether or not the market hits Dow $20K, we have been in a Bull market for a very long time and all Bull markets correct, eventually . . .